Family Roots Counseling LLC

Amanda Baker, M.Ed. LCPC

It is an honor to be in a profession where I can support and empower those who seek my services.  I am inspired by the strength, courage and tenacity that people show when engaged in the therapeutic process.  It is humbling to support every client on a path toward emotional wellness. While I have specialized training in working with children, I also welcome adolescents and adults.  I use a collaborative approach to meet each client’s unique needs and support their ability to face emotional challenges and reduce overall stress.

About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor delivering services through my private practice, Family Roots Counseling.  I have a masters degree in Counseling Education from the University of Maine.  I serve clients independently and through the Sweetser Affiliate Network.  I am also Relate-trained to provide early childhood mental health consultation for children in preschool and childcare settings.  I am certified to work with children and adults in the areas of individual, family, group and crisis counseling.  I have experience working in many environments, including homes, schools, residential and outpatient settings.

Treatment Specialties

·      Attachment

·      Adoption

·      Early Childhood

·      Life Adjustments

·      Anger Management

·      Anxiety/OCD/Phobia

·      Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity

·      Autism Spectrum Disorders

·      Developmental Delays

·      Depression

·      Sleep Difficulties

·      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

·      Intellectual Disabilities

·      LGBTQ Support

·      Grief/Loss

·      Women’s Wellness

Treatment Methods

·      Family Therapy

·      Individual Therapy

·      Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

·      Play Therapy Techniques

·      Theraplay Techniques

·      Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

·      Solution-Focused Therapy

·      Mindfulness Strategies

·      Positive Parenting Training

·      Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation


Parents and Caregivers

I believe that children are the voice of our collective future and every child has something powerful to contribute.  At my office, children of all ages can expect to feel safe and able to explore emotions through a variety of means, including sand, paints, puppets, games, play-doh, and more. I strongly support parents participating in therapy with their children whenever appropriate.  We will create mutual goals in order to help your child function within the family and community to the best of his or her ability.  Therapy sessions will be focused on your child’s unique needs. We will work together as a team so your child can experience therapy sessions as safe and fun.



There is a great deal of stress and worry throughout our fast-paced world today.  All of us experience and manage stress in different ways that work for us. I offer a space to problem solve with you in order to implement strategies that will offer you some relief.  I believe that success in the therapeutic relationship is based on trust and compassion.  While I am trained in various therapeutic methods, I am flexible in my approach because everyone has different needs.  Therapy is a voluntary commitment and your time and money are precious.  I believe that having the right therapist is essential to your success. With that in mind, I am always open to making a referral if you decide your needs can be better met elsewhere.


Early Childhood Organizations

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with children, families, teachers and directors in a variety of early childhood education programs.  As a consultant, I can offer professional development for staff around a variety of topics that promotes social emotional development for children.  I am a former early childhood consultant through the University of Maine’s Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies.  I have been a consultant for family childcare centers, preschools, Headstart programs, and daycare centers.  I welcome any inquiries on how I might best serve your unique program. 

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